Teaching is a complex science… Publishing doesn’t need to be.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of college and university teachers, our system allows you to publish and distribute your own textbooks in electronic form.


Co-edition is a partnership. You sell your books to your students, we bear the production and distribution costs.


Our technology turns out professional-grade e-books that are easy to update and accessible on all devices.


Our sales team ensures your books are distributed and promoted on our e-commerce platform and through our affiliation program.

It’s easy to publish with us!

From design to publishing, Class2Digital will be with you every step of the way so you can focus on what’s really important: transmitting your knowledge.


Our documentation and examples will help you design materials adapted to the electronic format.


Write your manuscript in a familiar environment with our Microsoft Word manuscript template.


Our experts in desktop publishing will transform your manuscript into a professional-grade e-book, ready for distribution.

Our experts in desktop publishing will help you create an e-book customized to your needs.

All our authors benefit from the following services:

  • Personalized cover page design
  • Professionally designed page layout
  • An ISBN number to your name or to that of your institution
  • Distribution of your book through our e-commerce platform
  • Your book will be added to our affiliate program catalogue

We also offer a wide selection of services to make things even easier for you:

  • Preparing your manuscript for publication
  • Editorial and linguistic revision
  • Finding royalty-free images
  • Acquiring reproduction rights
  • And many more

You sell your e-book to your students, we bear the production costs. That’s what co-edition is!

With Class2Digital, you benefit from the flexibility of self-publishing, but will all the services of a publishing house.

Your commitment:

  • Preparing your manuscript according to our formatting standings
  • Reaching a minimum sales objective established with you, depending on the number of your students

Because of this partnership, here is what we can offer:

  • A state-of-the art, professional-grade e-book
  • The support of experts in desktop and educational publishing
  • A sales team dedicated to increasing the reach of your book to other institutions and teachers
  • A bigger part of the profits

Our team of experts is ready to work on your projects!

Production time will vary according to the complexity of your book. A project manager will be assigned to the production of your book, and will work with you to ensure the quality of the final product while always respecting your vision.




Audio or video clips
Simple tables


Mathematical equations
Complex tables

A simple book may be completed in as little as 5 working days. A more complex book may take up to a month.

Once your book is published, you can update or change it every semester.

Our technology at your service for all your projects

Our technology allows for the integration of multimedia and scientific elements that are not supported by most e-book formats.

  • Multimedia

    Adding audio and video clips transforms your textbook into an extension of your class and fosters your students’ independence.
  • Sciences & maths

    Our technology allows for the integration of mathematical and scientific formulas and ensures rendering of optimal quality.
  • Technical content

    Complex tables, graphics, technical drawings: our reader supports the display of all your contents.

Digital edition: a profitable solution

Class2Digital lets you benefit today from tomorrow’s learning tools.


Increase your student’s independence by using video demonstrations, animated examples and audio explanations.


Let your books evolve with your students. You can update and improve your books every semester.


You’ll receive 50% on every copy of your book you sell to your students, and 40% for every copy of your book sold by another teacher.


No printing costs, no inventory surplus, no financial risks. We get paid when you do, on each book sold.